Resource Augmentation Services

The Resource Augmentation Services team manage the augmentation of Technology and Transformation functions with temporary resources across a broad range of skillsets, with an emphasis on finding “the right people at the right time” in the most cost efficient way.

We work closely with Technology and Transformation senior managers to fulfil these requirements from an operational, financial and contractual perspective ensuring that the resource augmentation controls are adhered to at all times.

Our agile and flexible resourcing framework model:

  • Fast and deterministic from first point of contact
  • Provides a start – finish service which encompasses all aspects such as engagement with marketplace; management of mini-competitions, scheduling of interviews and supports for all pre-boarding, on-boarding & off-boarding stages.
  • Management of contract extensions
  • Vendor relationship management to ensure partners are delivering to the defined levels of service required.

Resource Augmentation Finance

The team manage the month end approvals and invoicing process on behalf of all Technology and Transformation functions. Our team liaise with multiple vendors and our Business Operations Finance colleagues to ensure the process is efficient and can support accurate monthly and quarterly financial reporting on expenditure.

Engagement with DHI Procurement

The Resource Augmentation team act as a gateway between Technology and Transformation and Digital Health Innovation (DHI) Procurement teams, and we are striving to adopt a streamlined approach across a range of areas including:

  • Prioritisation of procurement support requests (PSR)
  • Two-way communication between DHI and Technology and Transformation SMT
  • Review on contract extensions options to ensure continuity of service for HSE end users along with VFM.
  • Co-ordination and management of all resource related mini-competition

Resource Augmentation Process 


Technology and Transformation Contracts Library

The team have established a central repository to record ICT contract documentation in one single central location.

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Last Updated 02/03/23