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Spark Summit 2023

Spark Summit is a unique health innovation conference for healthcare staff, industry and academics, focusing on the exciting innovations that are transforming the ways that care is provided.

The 2023 HSE Spark Summit Innovation Conference took place on Thursday 15 June, in the Clayton Hotel, Cardiff Lane, Dublin. As a global gathering for healthcare leaders and decision makers, the Spark Summit is a showcase for innovation and best practice in healthcare.

The event featured an array of insightful keynote speakers and lively panel discussions from the healthcare industry and beyond and provided a source of inspiration for creative problem-solving in healthcare.

The Summit was opened by CEO of the HSE Bernard Gloster, who spoke on how innovation provides us with great hope, and he hopes that through innovation, we can all strive to do our best and implement positive change. He stated that we need to look at the now and the future to meet both the immediate healthcare needs of the older person who needs support and the young child who we want to have a healthy life ahead.

Bernard Glouster speaking on stage at spark summit
Bernard Gloster and Panel 

Digital Advisor and Product Manager with the HSE Gar Mac Críosta, noted how the Covid-19 pandemic established how adaptable and innovative people can be in an unexpected and ever-changing environment. Gar said that we need to think about innovation from the outside in rather than the inside out, as it allows us to evaluate what is going on and how can we drive change from the inside. Minister Ossian Smyth was also on hand to award the HSE Spark Ignite Award to Siobhan Meaney’s ‘Constant Pressure Device’ project. The Minister commended Spark and all the competition finalists for their positive contribution in highlighting the importance of transformative design in healthcare.

This was an engaging event that featured great speakers from the healthcare service, start-ups, corporate business, researchers, and institutions and  provided a platform to share ideas and thoughts on the future of healthcare in Ireland. Spark Summit events are a wonderful opportunity for highlighting innovation and commitment to positive change in healthcare and for individuals and companies to share stories of the work that they are doing to change lives for the better.

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