CPD achievements by Irish NRC SNOMED CT on Foundation course for SNOMED CT

continuous professional development points, (CPD), endorsement from Irish Clinical Professional Bodies to promote the SNOMED CT Foundation Course in 2021.

National Clinical Surveillance Infection Control System

A key part of driving the improvements in quality and patient safety that will improve performance on preventing HCAI is good and timely information and information sharing.

International Women’s Day 2022

Today Tuesday March 8th, 2022 is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

HSE Covax - Vaccination Application

As the worldwide pandemic changed our society’s freedom of travel and socialisation, 2020 was deemed by many as a challenging year.

Evolution of the COVID Care Tracker

March 2020 was a time that many in eHealth and Disruptive Technologies will never forget.  Schools were closing, there were huge queues at the supermarkets, and nobody knew what to expect in the coming months.  All around the country, different members of eHealth were being pulled from their desks or receiving the phone call, to join the HSE’s COVID response.

After the Cyber Attack is Over

The Health Service Executive, having weathered the storm which was COVID-19 was “unexpectedly” subject to a significant Cyber-attack which culminated on May the 14th with significant corruption of the IT estate.

DSMP 'Standardising Data for The Future' Report Launched

Standardising data can be a complex and frustrating process in the HSE. The Enterprise Architecture function of eHealth have launched a process to standardised data across the organisation.

Big win for eHealth at the Tech Excellence Awards 2022

The COVID-19 Vaccination Management System (Covax) was awarded Public Sector IT Project of the Year at the Tech Excellence Awards on 25th May 2022.

Service Introduction and HSeLanD

As one of the first eHealth services to create a HSeLanD module, we thought it would be useful to share our experience in SI with other teams

Health Provider Portal

The Health Provider Portal consists of PharmaVax, GPVax and Vaccination History Search, and was developed in only 4 months by the A2i-HIDs team.