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HALO and Chatbot Halo AI

Written by: David Reichental


HALO is your friendly guide in the world of health acronyms, crafted for anyone who has ever been baffled by the myriad of TLAs (three letter abbreviations) floating around healthcare. If you are someone who came from the acronym-heavy realm of I.T. to the even denser forest of health terminology, and needed a simple way to lookup these TLAs and so created Halo to do just that. Essentially, Halo stands for Health Acronyms Lookup Oracle. It's a straightforward tool that lets you quickly find out what those health acronyms stand for, offering up their full names, definitions, and links to more detailed references.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, I've taken Halo a step further by integrating a chatbot feature. This addition, affectionately called CHAI (Chatbot Halo AI), acts as an intelligent, friendly assistant ready to field your queries on health topics across the board—be it diseases, treatments, policies, services, and, naturally, more acronyms. CHAI is designed to chat with you in a natural, easy-going manner, providing the information you’re looking for.


Whether you're navigating Halo on your PC or mobile, my goal is to make your search for health information as straightforward as possible. Halo and CHAI are here to ensure you find the health details you need swiftly, helping you make informed decisions.

As with all software this is a work in progress, any suggestions, improvements or additions would be happily received.


(Please note: CHAI is an AI model, any responses it gives should be validated by an appropriate health professional)