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The following files are available for viewing and download.

Publications 2023:

Introduction of a Single Electronic Health Record for Maternity Units in Ireland: Outline of the Experiences of the Project Management Team

Publications 2021:

MN-CMS Dynamic Team Response to the COVID 19 Pandemic Lunch & Learn Slides 2021

Publications 2020: 

MN-CMS-Disaster-Recovery-Test-Lunch--Learn-Presentation-Orla-Fox.pdf (size 1.6 MB)

Nurturing the digital baby: Open innovation for development and optimization

General Information:

MN-CMS Information Booklet; Information Booklet - Sept 2015.pdf (size 1.6 MB)

Future State Validation Presentations - Monday 21st September 2015

Opening Presentation - Opening Presentation.pdf (size 159.7 KB) 

Dr Michael Robson - Dr Robson Presentation.pdf (size 90.7 KB)

Future State Validation - 21st - 25th September 2015

Five day agenda for the Future State Validation: FSV Agenda.pdf (size 106.5 KB)

Information booklet for the Future State Validation; FSV Booklet.pdf (size 2.9 MB)

MN-CMS / Healthlink Electronic GP Messaging:

GP Messaging Presentation : MN-CMS / Healthlink GP Messaging Presentation 

FAQ's : MN-CMS_FAQs_v6.docx (size 20.8 KB) 

Reports looking at maternity service provision in Ireland :

TheModernisationofTheNationalCaseProgrammeinIreland 2006

The Lourdes Hospital Inquiry 2006