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Latest Cyber Attack Update from CIO Fran Thompson

Fran 2Fran Thompson, Chief Information Officer, HSE 

Update Tuesday 29th June 2021

I want to give you a quick update on the progress that we've been making over the last week or so; but firstly I really want to thank you again for your massive commitment, hard work and resilience since the cyber attack started.  I firmly believe that our staff are second to none and it's only through your work that we've been able to start the recovery of our systems and continue that recovery.  Over the last week we've made considerable progress, while we all acknowledge that there's a considerable way to go and we have challenges we need to recognize our successes.

Service Desk


I would like to provide an update across a range of teams starting with our Service Desk.  Our Service Desk Team are working tirelessly to resolve service issues.  Over 25,000 tickets have been raised since the start of the cyber attack on of those about nine thousand were email alone.   At this stage the team are now able to resolve more tickets then are coming into the desk, this is a significant achievement in its own right. 

A2i Team

The A2i Team have broadly re-established A2i service and nearly three million messages have either been received or sent from the Healthlink environment; again this is a fantastic achievement.

Acute Team 

The Acute Team have broadly stood up most of their solutions although integration between the individual solutions and some of the other individual solutions are still recovering a full service,  which is still a little bit of the way off. 

Community Team

On the Community side progress has been really good after a bit of a slow start it has been really speeded up.   A broad number of services are now available and are now seen as being green and one of and of those that are remaining that are either on the internet are dependent on a single application AON and OGS solutions and hopefully they'll be resolved today after a lot of good progress has been made.

Corporate Team

The Corporate Team had broadly stood up most of the systems with the exception of a number that are that are in the DMZ and one or two servers that still remain to be decrypted by the by technical team. 

Technical Team

Lastly but not least the technical team who have worked really tirelessly recovering the core infrastructure the latest milestone to be achieved is internet recovery this hasn't been as smooth as we'd all hoped and has been impacted by a number of hardware failures on the proxy solution.  But a a resolution should be with us tomorrow. 
I know that while we've made really good progress, there is a long long tail to this effort and your continued resolve will be required.  Again thank you and I'll keep you up to date as we progress. 

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You can watch Fran's video update on the link here