National WLAN

The new National WLAN system has been selected following a tender and Eir with Cisco won the tender for the supply of the necessary hardware and software to run our national WLAN. The current WLAN systems are all old and require upgrading and replacing. There is also a high demand for WLAN services in many sites where there is no WLAN today.

WLAN Planning and Design

The planning and design of the new WLAN has recently commenced. This will help us build the new network to the highest standard to provide the best coverage and to support as many applications. Once we complete this phase, we will order the required hardware.

WLAN Core Build

Once we receive the new hardware we will commence the build of the core WLAN elements in our data centres in Dublin. This will not occur till the end of Q1 next year due to hardware lead times.

WLAN Surveys

While we continue with the design and planning work, we will commence the WLAN site surveys at a range of sites across the country. The survey will determine where we locate the Access Points and how many of them are needed in each site. There may be a requirement for additional cabling at sites to support the Access Point installation.


Pat Thornton –