Dedicated Patient Management System

The Kidney Disease Clinical Patient Management System (KDCPMS) is a dedicated patient management system that facilitates the clinical management of all patients with kidney disease, from first presentation to a renal centre right through to the provision of renal replacement therapy (RRT) in the form of Haemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis and Transplantation.


National Renal Strategic Review Group

The National Renal Strategic Review Group identified the requirement of a renal health intelligence system for Ireland as a key prerequisite to support the delivery of care, bringing improved population wellbeing, health service efficiencies and economic opportunity through the use of a dedicated renal technology enabled solution.  It envisaged that this system will comprise primarily of a National Clinical Patient Management System deployed in each of the locations where renal services are currently delivered.


KDCPMS Selected System 

The system selected for KDCPMS is eMed Renal from Medial Health Informatics.  This provides a renal specific Electronic Patient Record (EPR) that is used by the renal teams to support care.  The renal teams use the system to document patient conditions, treatments, medicines and transplant workup across all stages of kidney disease.  The application has multiple interfaces operating to provide the care teams with real time clinical data such as the latest laboratory results and individual patient haemodialysis treatments.  KDCPMS also provides a sophisticated suite of customizable reports that provide invaluable data for analysis by the care teams.

The project objectives of that national implementation have successfully delivered tangible benefits set out in the project plan, from the first site implementation through to multiple unit roll-outs.  


KDCPMS Objective Benefit

A key benefit realised was the establishment of a comprehensive electronic health record of patients medical history and events, so that the attending multidisciplinary team can make informed clinical decisions when treating their patients across the care spectrum of early on-set of the renal disease process right through to the end-stage kidney disease when the patients require immediate lifesaving treatment in the form of renal replacement therapy such as; Haemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation.  


Clinical Interface

The development of a complex multiregional interface, that operates in real time, with existing Patient Administration System (PAS), Laboratory and Haemodialysis Machines has provided the care teams with immediate clinical data at the touch of a button and assists clinical teams in delivering care in a more efficient and effective manner.  The existence of these interfaces also enhances efficiency of current resources by avoidance of unnecessary tests and reduced dependency on paper based records.


Deliverable Objectives

Therefore before the introduction of KDCPMS, each renal service kept a medical record for each patient they saw.  It meant the full medical details of a renal patient were spread over several different hospitals.  Now that KDCPMS is in widespread use, each renal service has access to the patient's record of care.  This ensures the care team can refer to previous details and update the patient's record, no matter where the patients attend for service.  All of this helps the care teams to provide safe and joined-up care.  This also had the added benefit when patients transferred between the different care facilitates, whereby the attending clinical team from any renal sites would have full visibility on the individual patients record. 


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