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How the TRASNA system assisted in the assessment and treatment of Covid-19 Patients

How the Telemedicine Rapid Access for Stroke and Neurological Assessment (TRASNA) system assisted in the assessment and treatment of Covid-19 patients and helped reduce the risk of exposure for patients and medical staff.

TRASNA Stroke Telemedicine


The Telemedicine TRASNA system allows medical teams to assess a patient remotely via a Teledoc - a robot-like device on a mobile stand containing a remotely controlled camera and a microphone, which allows effective communication between the medical team, the patient and/or the patient’s family.

The Teledoc mobile stand has mobility and height adjustment which allows the camera and monitor to be adjusted to optimal examination position, whilst the camera on top of the Teledoc can rotate and zoom in and out for maximum clarity.

The screen allows for two-way video and audio between the consultant and the patient.

A version of the Telemedicine TRASNA HD system is currently operational in both Tallaght and Naas hospitals which practice a combined stroke personnel rota after-hours.