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SNOMED Working Group Meetings 2023

Charles Gutteridge Dentistry SNOMED Use Case June 2023

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Technology and Transformation and Data Master Class 25th June 2020

KOC Presentation

Data Masterclass DSMP 20200709

SNOMED CT in Ireland by Theresa Barry

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Snomed Webinar The Patient Data Journey, Why Data Matters October 2022


Using SNOMED platform to develop a National Medicinal Drug Catalogue

SNOMED Webinar series Back to Basics how to engage with SNOMED education and training

Data Analytics and SNOMED - How to derive information to make decisions based on clinical terminology

Understanding SNOMED in The Irish Healthcare setting

Clinical Reference Groups in SNOMED

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International Webinars 2023

SNOMED CT Expo, Atlanta, Georgia October 2023

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SNOMED CT Support for Cancer Care

‘A year of the OpenSafely platform' with Chris Bates UK

Supporting COVID-19 vaccine certificate initiatives: SNOMED International involvement in global efforts

SNOMED CT & Data Analytics with Jon Zammit

Successful implementation of a National EHR using SNOMED CT by Betania Arispe

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