Fri 14th June 2024 [Consultant, Acute, South-East]

“I just wanted to email to say thanks for my smooth transition to HealthIrl, Ian was very pleasant and professional.  Both desktop and laptop weren’t missing any items and was as I left it.  A thumbs up from me.”

Thurs 13th June 2024 [National Service, East]

“Colin, it was a pleasure to have worked with you yesterday.  You were very efficient on changing the computers with no interruption to this service, and this is down to you getting the computers changed over to HealthIRL promptly.”

Tues 28th May 2024 [Pharmacy, Acute, East]

We had one of your team in pharmacy last week, his name was Colin. He came to migrate two of our PC's. While he was here, we were having a nightmare trying to load Cliniscript onto our new generic user. He was so helpful and sorted our problem in minutes. I wanted to let you know, we are always quick to complain, we just be just as quick to acknowledge and thank.

Fri 17th May 2024 [ICT, Acute Setting, South East]

“Please pass on our thanks & compliments to Cladius.  He got through a lot of work while he was here and was very easy to deal with”

Tues 14th May 2024 [Management, Acute Setting, West]

“I wanted to send an email regarding the Technology office team(s) who have supported and co-ordinated migrations for MUH (and indeed continue to do so with Generic and ICU emails) with efficiency, patience and good nature.  What has gone well and excellence can be so easily overlooked as we focus on the “next” task and so I wanted just to take a moment to acknowledge and share our appreciation of the Technology Office team and mention Mohit particularly, who is a shining example of great service, support and professionalism.  Thank You All.”

Weds 1st May 2024 [Clinical, Acute Setting, South-East]

James migrated my account this morning and it was a top class job.  As I have countless hyperlinks integrated in a database and I also use several internal, external and community folders, I expected the migration would be a major headache and would require significant work on my part thereafter.  Not the case, James did a perfect job and was most helpful.  Well done James and local IT team.”

Weds 24th April 2024 [Section Officer, Acute Setting, South]

Just a thanks to the Migration team for accommodating Central Appointments yesterday. It was very much appreciated my end.

Weds 24th April 2024 [ICT, Acute Setting, North East]

“We’re moving along nicely, with very little fall-out, thanks to the engineers on site, Vedran & Dennis.  They are great.  Only 40% of users to go!”

Thurs 18th April 2024 [Admin, Acute Setting, South East]

“I wish to thank you very much for sending Ben to explain all the new changes to our log in.  Ben is excellent and has the patience of a saint!”

Thurs 14th March 2024 [Acute Setting, North East]

Vedran and Johnathon, both assisted with my migration process.

They were both extremely kind and patient. I have only "bread & butter" IT skills . Nothing was a problem for them and they answered my queries in a very calm user-friendly way. Johnathon was also very helpful with a separate query in relation to a VPN cert creation.

We are all very quick to complain when we have a poor service experience, so I just want to inform you of a very positive user encounter this end from your staff.

Weds 24th January 2024 [HR, Acute Setting, South East]

“I am just emailing in relation to Colin Kelly, I would like to state that he made our lives extremely easy today in Human Resources.  Nothing was too much trouble to him and the process was absolutely seamless.  He was extremely patient, professional and courteous throughout the day.  Well done to him.”

Tues 12th December 2023 [Technology and Transformation ICT, Acute Setting]

“Just an email to thank the Healthirl team & engineers working on migrations on Campus since the September.  This round of HealthIRL migrations have been relatively painless seeing about 1200+ users in total now migrated since the beginning of 2023. We are seeing the benefits now as staff move to O365 (larger mailboxes) and MS Teams (more collaboration).  Thanks to Rashi for her patience, follow-up of issues & excellent support. To Ben and the team of engineers who quickly followed up any issues and to the local NSD Team for assisting users post migration when it sometimes wasn’t clear if the issue was from migration or not. All your efforts are greatly appreciated.”

Weds 6th December 2023 [Technology and Transformation ICT]

“Another great result for the HealthIRL Migration project, simplifying the HSE infrastructure and making a real difference in reliability & security of the HSE environment”.

Mon 20th November 2023 [AND, Community Area]

“Jamie was very helpful last week and has resolved the majority of my issues and is working on fixing the outstanding items, thanks very much for the assistance.”

Mon 20th November 2023 [Senior Management, CHO Area]

“I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional work that Rashi and team have done on the HealthIRL migration project. The professionalism, attention to detail, work ethic, and unwavering drive to complete the project have not gone unnoticed. The dedication shown throughout the process has been truly commendable.

I would also like to thank both Deirdre and Sheila as well as your expertise has contributed significantly to the success of the project, and I am grateful for the high standards of quality as evident thorough out the project. It's a pleasure working with such a dynamic and capable team.”

Wed 20th September 2023 [Admin, Acute Setting, South East]

“Ben was a really nice good guy, he had a few difficulties with our migrations but he resolved them and fully explained what to do going forward etc, on a 1-10 score he would get a 10”

Tues 5th September 2023 [Senior Podiatrist, Acute Setting, Midlands]

“I just wanted to give feedback on Colin who just finished migration on my computer.  As an organisation we are slow to give positive feedback and like to look at the negatives.  Colin was excellent, he was friendly, professional, positive and explained everything simply and well. At the end of what I sure was a long day, nothing was a problem.”

Tues 22nd August 2023 [General Manager, Corporate, North East]

“Just to let you know that I successfully Self-Migrated this morning – it was fully seamless, took approx 20mins and the process was even simpler than the instructions detailed in the Self-Service Migration guide.  I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner!”

Fri 18th August 2023 [National Director, Corporate, North East]

“I’ve just migrated my machine to HealthIRL using the Self-Service tool. It took about 15mins start to finish and went through without a hitch.  Very positive experience so far, so just wanted to acknowledge that.”

Mon 14th August 2023 [Medical Secretary, Acute Setting, Midlands]

“Thanks to Jonathan and Adam for migration / update my PC. Very good to explain things also.”

Thurs 10th August 2023 [Administration, Corporate, North-East]

“Dennis was just brilliant, I cant thank you enough.  Dennis checked all our machines, printers, emails, systems & scanners.  So, all happy campers, you’ll be glad to hear.  He didn’t even have a cup of tea, he worked through.  Dennis deserves a prize, he has great patience explaining it all to us.  A big thank you to you Sheila & Dennis.”

Wed 26th July 2023 [Project Manager, CHO2]

“Just to say thank you for transferring me across to Healthirl.  So far so good and Jamie was so helpful today.”

Tues 25th July 2023 [CNM2, Acute Setting, Mid-West]

I just want to take this opportunity to compliment your team who I met here today.  I met Gabriel who was a really lovely guy, very polite and patient.  Also Christy, I think, also very nice and helpful.  I feel we rarely take the time to complement each other but is very important to do so when deserved.”

Tues 11th July 2023 [Staff Nurse, Acute Setting, Mid-West]

“Thanks Roisin & Team for all your kindness and support. Keep up the great work!”

Wed 15th February 2023 [Manager, Corporate, North-East]

“Colin, Thanks for all your help with my migration. Much appreciated - Fantastic work”

Wed 15th February 2023 [Manager, Acute Hospital, South-East]

“Good Morning Ladies, To keep you all in the loop, I have begun the process to have all staff under my remit migrated onto the HealthIRL Server.  Before Christmas, the entirety of my department moved to HealthIRL and this has been very positive for the department, increasing speed of the systems, connectivity & giving us access to new features.”

Thurs 22nd December 2022 [National Director, HSE]

“Dear Sheila and Deirdre, I wish to thank you both most sincerely for all your assistance with regard to my migration onto the HealthIRL domain.  It all worked out very smoothly in DSH on Monday last.  Wishing you both a very happy Christmas and best wishes for 2023.”

Tues 13th December 2022 [Business Manager, Community, Cork]

“My feedback on phase 1 is a very positive one. Overall I think it was very well organised and the weekly calls were great to keep everyone on track and share the learning and pointers prior to migration.  Oour team migrated with very little disruption, I think this is partly because I emailed each team member with clear bullet point instructions on what was expected of them to prepare and on the day. We did have a lot of disruption for one team member (I think due to the size of his mailbox) and a second team member (this turned out in the end to be a laptop RAM issue), but we were half expecting that to happen.  The learning which was already taken on board re validating staff members who have access to generic mailboxes in advance of migration is a much better approach.  The migration team were fantastic and did a great job, it cant have been easy listening to all of us being so anxious handing over our devices day in day out, so well done to them. I personally thanked Ben last week also.  I think we can perhaps work on culture and promoting the positive benefits of HealthIRL. Its human nature that we fear change and handing over our devices but the benefits outweigh the negative.  Thanks again to the digital team for all your support and getting this over the line for our team.”

Fri 9th December 2022 [General Manager, Community, Kerry]

“The process was quite smooth.  The actual changeover took less than an hour and before I left, I was sure I had Outlook working, I had the files I needed, the Outlook archive, and access to shared folders etc., as before.  The person I met was very helpful and I had no problems with the transfer.  It was completed within an hour.  While my access to a networked printer seemed to be instant (I wasn’t on that site for 2 days, but it was working when I tried it), I did need to ask for help with the Secure Printer queue.  That was sorted very quickly and the access was checked with me to ensure that both my code and my fob were working as before.  I now have full access to Teams, so that’s a lot more flexible than before and the connection seemed to be better quality than before.  My impression is that Outlook is working faster as well.”

Thurs 8th December 2022 [Assistant National Director, National]

“Roisin, All done TG J All sorts of complications, as I would have expected given my luck and complexities between servers/ domains and access, but Jamie, Ger and crew were great.  Pass on my thanks to them please”

Thurs 1st December 2022 [National Programmes, Kerry]

“Hi there, I was successfully migrated last Friday and it was done exceptionally well with absolutely no glitches. I really would like to commend Hrvoje who came (from PFH) because he was so patient with me and did a really excellent job making sure that everything was hooked up properly. If you have an email for the PFH company I really would like to email them to commend him.”

Wed 30th November 2022 [National Programmes, Dublin]

“I got migrated yesterday in Dublin and working through that process now.  Your engineers were most helpful to us yesterday. Much appreciated.  Thanks again. “

Fri 25th November 2022 [Community Management, Cork]

Just a quick note to thank each and every one of you for your efforts to resolve our email issues post migration.  Your tireless efforts to get a speedy resolve is very much appreciated – great teamwork!”

Mon 14th November 2022 [Corporate Project Team, National]

“I would like to acknowledge the monumental support provided by you and your teams to the Project during the development and test phases. It would not have been possible to launch today were it not for your invaluable inputs and continued engagement throughout this process, and I would like to extend our sincere thanks to you and all those involved in this regard.”

Mon 14th November 2022 [Business Manager, Community Healthcare, Donegal]

“Hi Roisin, Please pass on my thanks to Ben who resolved the issues and was very helpful on Thursday. And thanks to you for making happen so promptly!”

Wed 9th November 2022 [Manager, Corporate, Dublin]

“Can I say thank you to the team for all the work they did to get all the computers over the line.”

Tues 11th October 2022 [Project Manager, Corporate, Dublin]

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for your support with the Migration of my laptop.  It all went well on Friday and Ben was really helpful.”

Wed 5th October 2022 [Manager, Acute, Portlaoise]

“I just want to say a really big thank you to Colin Kelly for his efficiency and professionalism in migrating my laptop from DSHDOM to Health Irl.  He is a credit to your service.”

Wed 31st August 2022 [Speech & Language, Westmeath]

“Please accept and extend my thanks to all involved in migration. It was done today and I appreciate it. It is great to have outlook back working after 16+ months.”

Wed 17th August 2022 [Administration, Acute, Tipperary]

“Thank you so much for my HealthIRL migration, the engineer was brilliant and really lovely.”

Wed 20th July 2022 [Manager, Logistics, Dublin]

“Just a quick email to thank you both for organising my migration over to Health IRL.  Marcio from PFH technologies was in this morning to migrate my profile. He did a great Job and was very helpful.  Much Appreciated!”


For more information please contact us at: Healthirl.migration@hse.ie