Barry Crosson-Solution Architect A2iHIDs



I work as an Architecture Lead with the A2i-HIDs team. I joined the HSE in May 2023 and am in my current role since January 2024. I live in County Cavan with my base in Cavan Town. My commute to the office is approximately 30-35 minutes. My working day includes diverse tasks across Software Architecture Design, Supporting development teams and hands on development. I also regularly travel to Dublin and Drogheda to meet with A2I and wider HSE Projects Teams.

Working life:

My main work involves helping project teams deliver new solutions and extending existing ones to support new requirements. The work I do impacts patient care by improving existing and adding new services for clinicians and the general public. Currently my top priorities are the HSE Health App and as a member of the procurement team for the National Shared Care Record (NSCR).  Improving services for clinicians and patients and improving how both can more easily and securely access data motivates me every day.

I work as part of the A2i-HIDs Architecture team and am also a member of a number of project teams.  I love my job and find it interesting as I am learning new systems, services and ways of working all the time, I am quite new to the organisation after many years in the private sector. I recently also completed the eHealth Leadership program which I found extremely useful, not only in terms of the topics covered such as Negotiation, Leadership and Presentation Skills but also through the networking and face to face interactions with other course participants. A very worthwhile element of the program was an opportunity to deliver a “pitch” to the senior management team.  My pitch was titled “From RAGs to Knowledge Richness, an AI Opportunity” where I outlined the benefit of using Generative AI to improve extraction of Information and Knowledge from custom data sources and also how Generative AI can enable tasks such as advanced question-answering systems, content creation and summarisation together with conversational agents and Chabot’s.

Leadership Programme - eHealth Ireland

Hobbies & Interests:

I like to do some recreational running which is great for relaxation and fitness. I coached my son’s Gaelic football team over the last few years which, while enjoying varied levels of success on the field, was always a joy to be part of. I also have the faint hope Cavan may be more competitive again in my lifetime.