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Corporate Day

Corporate Delivery Staff Day


eHealth Corporate Delivery Team held their staff day at The Ashling Hotel in Dublin on Tuesday 14th November 2023, with 100% staff attendance on the day.

Tom Laffan, eHealth Corporate Delivery Director opened the day by welcoming and thanking everyone for attending. Tom spoke about the many achievements of the Corporate Delivery team over the last 12 months. He discussed work plans and the priority projects coming up in 2024. Tom acknowledged how well the Corporate team were working with other eHealth colleagues and business users and stressed the importance for this ongoing collaborative working. He said the staff day was a great opportunity to meet up with the full team and have that face to face catch up.

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eHealth Corporate Delivery Team Leads each gave brief presentations on their area. Cathy Reilly, Senior Project Support Manager spoke about the project support that her project managers provide. Tiernan Wright, Jose Mota, Sarah Corcoran and Caroline Kelly all gave short presentations highlighting the project support their teams provide for Corporate Delivery projects, all of which are key ICT enablers for the major corporate pillars of the HSE such as Finance, Procurement, National HR, Estates, and the National Distribution Centre. FOI’s, SAR’s and Protected Disclosures were also covered as these are managed by Corporate Delivery.

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Corporate Support training plans were highlighted as the team are currently developing skillsets (including GenAi and Power Platform) to add value to the projects they support.


Kevin Kelly, General Manager, Digital Workflow Automation (DWA), introduced us to the staff and the ongoing activities of the Digital Workflow & Automation team which had only moved into Corporate Delivery in the past year. Kevin outlined the range of dependencies the DWA team has on other eHealth functions not least Corporate Delivery, and welcomed the opportunity to get to meet many of those colleagues face to face for the first time.


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Kevin at Corp Day



Caroline Ryder, Programme Manager, introduced her team and discussed current projects such as Occupational Health, Quality Care Metrics Replacement Programme, Recruitment Operating Model Supports and ongoing support for the Covid Care Tracker Application as well as Pensions and the Garda Vetting Stabilisation Programmes.

2024 will see the eRostering Programme come into focus with demands from all the Health Regions to implement solutions to support efficiencies in the services and offer more flexible and intuitive systems for staff around rostering.

Seighin Ó Díomasaigh, ICT Deputy Delivery Director, gave an introduction to his team and a welcome for the new members Shay, Oriol and Kiran who joined eHealth during 2023.


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This was followed by a brief overview of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) project which went live for its first cohort of users in July 2023 and the Estates project NEIS which completed its third phase of deployment during the year. IFMS is one of the major national projects currently in the HSE. We were delighted to introduce our guest speakers, Fran Thompson, Chief Information Officer and Helen Coughlan, Chief Technology Officer. In Fran’s presentation he acknowledged the fundamental role of Corporate Delivery Staff. He gave the team an overview of the last 12 months and discussed the plans for the year ahead. Helen gave an insightful view on HSE Technology Office and how to engage with the various teams within her office such as Cloud, SaaS and Hosting Request Process. Helen updated Corporate Delivery on the positive progress of user and device migration and the benefits we are seeing because of this. Clarification was also provided on the roles and responsibilities of the newly restructured Tech Office, highlighting how Cloud Services and On-Premise solutions can be requested, managed and supported.


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Thank You!

We would like to thank Fran and Helen for the time and effort that they put into our team day. The feedback on their presentations was very positive. Staff really engaged with the speakers and there was a huge amount of time given and knowledge shared in the Q&A. The Corporate Delivery Team Day was a huge success, and we would like to thank Joyce Shaw, Thelma Pentony and her team for all their support. It was lovely to catch up with all the team on the day.

For more information, you can view the Corporate Delivery webpage.