What is Technology and Transformation?

Technology and Transformation (formerly known as eHealth) is a term to describe a set of digitising technologies in the health domain. Technology and Transformation is an umbrella term and includes electronic health records, ePrescribing, and telehealth. 

The driver for our development is the potential to promote the health of the people of Ireland and improve our health services.  Sláintecare outlines clear objectives for the our schema.  The digitisation of our health service and processes ensures that the right data about the right patient is available in the right place at the right time.

Our technologies and systems facilitate integration models of care within and across the HSE community-based hospital care, acute care and other specialised care providers.  In addition to ICT services and support to the HSE, we provide a range of national applications to the acute voluntary sector.

Our vision is to create a patient-centered, digitally connected healthcare system to create a modern health service that empowers patients.