HealthIrl Benefits

Organisational Benefits

  • Healthirl Migration is a critical programme of work for the HSE in terms of cloud enablement and cyber security​.

  • Healthirl is a strategic platform for managing user identities and delivering email​ Healthirl enables best practice identity management and access management controls, with central governance​.

  • Healthirl is a safe, secure collaboration platform, linked to HSE cloud-based systems​ Healthirl is the largest domain in the HSE, with a user base representing all divisions in the organisation​.

  • Healthirl is a resilient, stable, supported platform​.

  • Healthirl domain is the top priority from a recovery perspective, in terms of any future cyber events​.

  • Healthirl Migration is a key recommendation in the PWC report following the HSE cyber-attack.

User Benefits

Once on Healthirl, users will be able to:​

  • Avail of the enhanced communications and collaboration platform, which includes Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Planner, Sharepoint and Office365​.

  • Avail of a single mail platform, with the ability to apply for Exchange Online.

  • Locate any HSE staff member in one single email directory​.

  • Share calendars with national colleagues across all locations​.

  • Login from any location, on any HSE device​.

  • Relocate between HSE regions, whilst keeping the same identity​.

  • Access national applications and shared folders from any location​.

  • Reset expired/forgotten passwords at any time with Self-Service​.

  • Access to cloud-based systems as appropriate​.

  • A more connected and standardised user experience.

What does HealthIRL migration mean for you?

You will:​​

  • Complete a template with your information, which will allow Healthirl to complete pre-checks on your account and device​​

  • Receive communications from Healthirl, with information relating to your migration and validating information​​

  • Receive communications from Healthirl, scheduling your migration​​

  • Be migrated by an engineer on site at an agreed time and location​​

  • Be off-line during the migration duration (approx. 1 – 2 hours, depending on user/device complexity)​​

  • Perform post-migration checks with the engineer to ensure you can access everything you need


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