Elevating Telehealth Excellence

The eHealth Telehealth programme team are excited to announce a milestone on our journey towards digital healthcare excellence—the finalisation and approval of the National Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)


MyHealth@EU is a European Union initiative aimed at advancing digital health solutions and services across EU and EEA member states, striving to revolutionise healthcare by promoting interoperability to ensure seamless data exchange among healthcare providers, patients, and systems.

Better Together for Digital Healthcare Conference

After the hugely successful National Digital Health Conference held on 1st December 2023 in the Dublin Convention Centre where over 50 presenters captured the collective ambitions and vision of both HSE Staff and patients.

eHealth Triumph at Awards Events

In a recent awards ceremony that honoured excellence and innovation in healthcare technology, the spotlight shone brightly on the remarkable achievements of HSE-eHealth.

IHI Rollout to National iPM System

Enabling the Individual Health Identifier (IHI) is a key component on the journey towards Shared Care Records, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Digital Solutions related to supporting patient care.

Integrated Information Service- IIS Team day

On Tuesday 10th October, 2023 the Integrated Information Service (IIS) held their 4th all-staff team day

Technology Office- Building the future

The Technology Office in the HSE is responsible for delivery of strategic investment, design, build and operational management of best-practice technology service to the HSE

Making Payment Easier

IFMS Shared Services, eHealth Corporate Delivery, A2i-HIDS, IBM, HSE Digital and WorldPay have been working together to introduce a fully integrated Online Payment Portal

ICT & Cyber Programme

The ICT & Cyber programme was established in the summer of 2022 following an immense recovery effort in the aftermath of the 2021 Cyber Attack on the HSE.

Public Sector Digital Transformation Awards 2023

The MN-CMS team was honoured to be shortlisted for the HealthTech Innovation of the Year in recognition of the achievement of the MN-CMS Antenatal Visit (ANV) Medication Inbound Messaging Project