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Technology in Healthcare: The Health Leaders’ Summit 2023

Technology in Healthcare: The Health Leaders’ Summit 2023 took place on Thursday February 23rd in Barberstown Castle, Co. Kildare. The event focused on bringing together healthcare IT experts and industry leaders who understand the real life challenges of electronic health systems in the context of ever evolving cybersecurity risks while pushing the boundaries of innovative patient care. Technology broadcaster and columnist Andy O'Donoghue opened the event as Chairperson, in front of nearly 200 healthcare leaders that were actively participating throughout the day. 

Representing eHealth, Puneet Kukreja spoke on the importance in getting back to basics when evaluating our threat landscape. This includes focusing on promoting awareness around the risk of phishing attacks, compromised credentials and working to improve third party cyber hygiene. Puneet says that we should be continually practicing drills from incident response, patching our servers, keeping our cyber hygiene up to date and developing a good communication plan because when things go wrong, not knowing what data has gone out is not the right answer.


Group Photo Photographed LtoR: Siobhan O’ Toole, IHI Operations Lead; Maria McCann, Director of Identity Managment Service; John Ward, Chief Technology & Transformation Officer, eHealth Ireland and HSE; Puneet Kukreja, Chief Information Security Officer, eHealth Ireland and HSE; and Irene Finnegan, Health Identifier Service Business Consumer Engagement Lead.
Photographed LtoR: Siobhan O’ Toole, Maria McCann, John Ward, Puneet Kukreja and Irene Finnegan



Maria McCann, Director of Identity Managment Service


Director of the HSE's Health Identity Management Services (IMS), Maria McCann, noted the great work done by the Access to Information in Health Identifiers Programme (A2I-HIDs) on the management of the National IHI register and outlined that identity management is based on trust, communication and clarity. Maria also outlined the importance of Individual Health Identifiers (IHI), which is rooted in patient safety and ensures that health and social care can be delivered to the right person, in the right place and at the right time.

This was an engaging event that featured the great leaders and change makers representing every sector of the health information and technology spectrum. The keynote speakers highlighted the importance of developing, strengthening and learning from the relationship of health and technology, while the ability to network with some of the best minds in our industry made this event a true success.