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DSMP 'Standardising Data for The Future' Report Launched

Enterprise Architecture would like to announce the publication of the 'Standardising Data for The Future' Report. This report is on the dataset specification management process, which explains how the Health Service Executive is managing to standardise all datasets.


Standardising data can be a complex and frustrating process in the HSE. The Enterprise Architecture function of eHealth and Disruptive Technologies have launched a process to standardised data across the organisation

During the pandemic, the need for good quality standardised data that could give insights and allow planning of services was key. We have learnt in the last two years that data is king when making decisions that impact a nation so significantly. Therefore it has never been more important to have a structured process for standardising and monitoring data captured.


The Dataset Specification Management Process (DSMP) was established in 2019 by the SNOMED Governance Board, chaired by HIQA when it was identified there was a lack of standardisation in this particular area of dataset development in the Irish health setting.

The process and group were developed to provide a forum and process to enable stakeholders who have a role in the management and analysis of data.


The benefits of the DSMP are to ensure a standardised uniform process that facilitates new and existing dataset specification. To have a  quality assurance process for new and existing dataset specifications.  The opportunity for early input from downstream functions to enhance service planning, analytics and reporting.  Also a reduction in re-work and costs due to errors and omissions in dataset specifications.


The DSMP follows a set of Enterprise Architecture Principles that are integral in the development of datasets not only for here and now but future proofing for interoperability and ensuring that the data standards are set to support the delivery of integrated healthcare. A process such as the DSMP will streamline all datasets in Ireland, ensure standardisation, avoid duplication of resources and essentially provide a high standard of care by integrating care.

Here you can view the Dataset Specification Management Process (DSMP) 'Standardising Data for The Future' report.