Knowledge & Information Plan

Knowledge and Information Plan

The evolution of this document started when the eHealth Ireland Strategy was published in late 2013. The strategy creates a vision for Ireland and has been recognised internationally as a vision for a health system supported by a digital infrastructure.

A strategy needs to be implemented to deliver benefits. The creation of a plan to deliver the eHealth Ireland strategy started in December 2014, through the early months of 2015 clinical input was taken from throughout the system, nearly 50 clinical observations were made on the plan as it evolved.

Advice from the UK, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, USA, Australia and Spain has guided the creation of the plan. The plan provides the Irish health system with a defined structure to deliver results, a roadmap for the benefits to be released, and governance to ensure delivery is appropriately managed.

The status of the plan on this web site is 'For Consideration', it has been extensively reviewed and has been baselined before being published here, however as with any good plan it will continue to evolve as feedback is provided and success is delivered. We welcome your thoughts. 

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