The Laboratory Programme

Programme Background Expansion

The Laboratory Programme, under the governance of Technology and Transformation (formally eHealth) was established in 2021 following the cyber-attack, to advance, standardise and support key Laboratory ICT initiatives. The aim of this Programme is to provide a framework for laboratory services to engage with HSE Technology and Transformation and Acute Operations.  

The Laboratory Programme is comprised of a diverse team of experienced healthcare professionals including Medical Scientists, Clinical Scientists, Data Analysts, ICT Technical Experts, Project Managers and Project Officers.   

Overall programme strategy includes:  

  • Aligning objectives and strategy
  • Improving system resilience and streamlining processes
  • Maximising and consolidating available resources
  • Realising benefits of outcomes with a national perspective
  • Exploring long-term benefits to the organisation
  • Supporting innovations and new capabilities

Current key projects include: 

  • MedLIS National Laboratory Information System
  • LIS and hardware stabilisation of current LIS systems
  • Compliance Management System Procurement
  • eOrdering for GPs 
  • Anti-Coagulant Monitoring System Procurement

 For more information contact:  Thomas Walsh, Laboratory Programme Manager -