eT Electronic Health Record

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) programme within Technology and Transformation, HSE has been engaged with EHR vendors from across the globe since the first part of 2015. The purpose of this engagement has been to enable Ireland to build a case for change; a document that describes what an EHR deployed in Ireland would bring to the delivery of care, what the value would be of such a system and an approach that Ireland could take to adopting such a system.
The Electronic Health Record system will transform the delivery of health and social care by creating shared patient records that are the primary information source for all health and social care professionals and will result in:
  • better, safer clinical decision-making,
  • more informed and engaged patients and citizens,
  • integration of services across care settings,
  • increased availability of information to enable proactive management of patients and conditions,
  • improved patient outcomes.

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