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TeleHealth Consultation Day


A Day of Consultation and Collaboration - The Now, The Next, The Future.


In a bustling Dublin City on May 30th, the eHealth National Telehealth Programme Team and the National Digital Health Clinical Office hosted a Consultation Day to discuss “The Now, The Next and The Future” of Telehealth.


The purpose of the day was to gather together key stakeholders including patients and service users, healthcare providers, and leaders within the organisation to discuss where they felt the future of HSE Telehealth service development lay. This work was to inform a Working Group established by the National Telehealth Steering Committee currently developing a Roadmap for Telehealth in the HSE.

The Consultation Day was made successful by the presence of exceptional speakers who enlightened the audience with their expertise and experiences. Our keynote speaker on the day was HSE COO Damien McCallion who provided great support for the event and restated the importance of this work.  Other speakers on the day included Prof. Richard Greene (Chief Clinical Information Officer & Chair, National Telehealth Steering Committee) who set the national context, Loretto Grogan (Chief Nursing & Midwifery Information Officer) who outlined progress in relation to remote health monitoring initiatives such as Virtual Wards, and Jane Ball (CNM2 Clinical Informatics Nurse, Naas General Hospital), who provided an overview of how Video Enabled Care has improved both the service she provides and the services she uses. 



Derek Chambers (General Manager, National Mental Health Operations) discussed HSE Online Supports and Therapies, and Maurice Farnan (Assistant National Director, Community Operations & Co-Chair, National Telehealth Steering Committee) provided a summary of the day.

Particular word of thanks to Sheilagh Foley who provided an excellent overview of her journey as a patient, and inspiration for the day with her hopes for how telehealth can significantly improve the experience of those using our health services.

We extend our appreciation to the speakers for their engaging and insightful presentations. Their valuable contributions helped shed light on the immense potential of telehealth and its transformative effects on patient care. This gathering not only fostered knowledge exchange but also ignited the spirit of collaboration and innovation in the field of telehealth.

Following the successful Consultation Day, the Telehealth Programme Team is committed to ensuring that the valuable insights and discussions continue to benefit the wider community. In line with this objective, the team will be circulating a comprehensive report summarizing the questions that were asked during the round table discussions. This report will capture the diverse range of topics explored and provide a resource for those unable to attend or looking to revisit the discussions. By disseminating this report, the Telehealth Programme Team aims to foster knowledge sharing, collaboration, and further dialogue among patients, professionals and stakeholders in the field of telehealth.

The organisers extend a warm thank you to each and every individual who attended and contributed to the Consultation Day. The events success was owed in a large part to the valuable insights, knowledge and contributions shared by the attendees. By coming together, we have taken a step forward in shaping the future of healthcare.

An event of this magnitude requires meticulous planning and coordination. It is with great appreciation that we acknowledge Thelma Pentony, Helena Murphy, Kate Hanlon and Tamara Reilly and the dedicated eHealth Communication Team whose unwavering efforts made the consultation day possible. Their expertise in organising and managing such an event ensured a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees


This article serves as an expression of thanks to all those who made the event a resounding success. As we move forward, we remain committed to revolutionizing healthcare through telehealth and are grateful for the support and dedication of all those involved in this transformative journey.


You can read the Final Report from the day’s proceedings which encompasses the feedback and discussions from each of the round tables on the day. As noted, this report will form a component of the Telehealth Roadmap 2023-2026 that is currently in development, and will serve as a valuable resource, capturing the breadth of knowledge and ideas exchanged during the event.

We thank Dr. Orna Fennily and Senior Project Manager Conor Kennedy on compiling these findings.

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