Noreen Noonan

Noreen Noonan is the ICT Delivery Director for Public Health with responsibility for technology driven change programmes.

Before Noreen’s appointment as ICT Delivery Director, she was Deputy Delivery Director for Engagement & Delivery with responsibility for the National Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Lighthouse Projects. Noreen joined the EHR Programme in June 2017 and was tasked with progressing and realising the strategic elements of the Programme (Acute, Community, and Shared Record & Integration) in the delivery of key milestones. The programme aligned with Sláintecare’s clear goals for the eHealth agenda, to both digitally connect the health service and digitally connect the citizen to health. The EHR for Ireland is recognised as the cornerstone of the eHealth Strategy. Prior to Noreen leading the EHR programme, she led the ICT delivery for the National Ambulance reconfiguration programme.

In February 2019 due to the Covid pandemic, Noreen was deployed to the eHealth Covid Response team and worked on both Test & Trace and Vaccination response programmes before taking up her current role.

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