HealthIRL Migration: Our Mandate

HealthIRL migration is absolutely key to the HSE.  It is a strategic priority for the Health Service Executive and is absolutely fundamental to future strategic deliverables for the HSE.

HealthIRL is a key recommendation of the cyber post-incident review report and must be reported on regularly to the HSE Board, the EMT sub-group, the DoH, Senior Management & other key stakeholders.

HealthIRL is not a choice, it must be implemented to support the foundational delivery of ICT within the HSE.  It is not optional, it is a mandatory requirement for each & every staff member within the HSE.  Users can not reject or turn down HealthIRL migration.

HealthIRL has been ratified and endorsed by the HSE Executive Management Team and is recognised at the most senior levels of the organisation as a critical programme of work for the HSE.


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