161 Personas & Scenarios published

Following on from workshops held over the last 4 months, 161 Personas & Scenarios have been created by health service professionals, members of the public & patient advocacy groups. We have now published all of those files. 

161 Personas & Scenarios

Please note the Personas and accompanying Scenarios are the unedited submissions. We have made every effort possible to transcribe the written information provided in as true and accurate a manner as possible in order to reflect the inputs as they were intended and provided. The information contained within the Personas and Scenarios reflects the views of the submitters and do not necessarily reflect the views of, or are endorsed by, the Health Service Executive, eHealth Ireland or the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Personas and Scenarios help make the National EHR real, by outlining how interactions will look and feel in the future. This will be important as part of engagement and communication between clinicians, health service workers & patients. Personas and Scenarios can also be used as part of managing engagement with potential suppliers. They provide a consistent set of cases through which suppliers can show what their solutions will do and demonstrate how they can address some of our existing challenges. This is essential to the development of the National EHR and the reason why we greatly appreciate the input of all those who gave their time & energy to be part of the process.