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Making Payment Easier

Introducing the new Payment Portal Solution

IFMS Shared Services, eHealth Corporate Delivery, A2i-HIDS, IBM,HSE Digital and WorldPay have been working together to introduce a fully integrated Online Payment Portal solution to help optimise the Order To Cash (OTC), Credit and Collection processes.

The introduction of this solution is bringing major benefits to client service and payment management for the HSE including a self-service portal, digital payment integration and significantly improved financial controls - the Online Payment Portal interfaces seamlessly with the Integrated Financial Management System SAP 4/Hana via the IFMS standard integration engine SAP Process Orchestration.

This is a substantial project, and a progressive implementation is planned, having commenced in Q3 2023. Approximately 1.4m invoices will be generated annually by the health sector and it is intended that this payment portal will act as a key collection channel for these statutory charges.

The introduction of the Payment Portal delivers several qualitative benefits for both citizens and the business.
For citizens, the Portal provides better engagement and a modern and convenient means to pay for HSE services. 
The portal is available in both English & Irish languages. For the business, the Portal provides better management efficiencies, enhanced controllership, reduced bad debts, reduced debt collection effort, easier collection method, faster access to funds and easier banking of funds. It is expected that the portal will deliver significant financial savings annually. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved over the past year, too many to mention individually, for all your dedication, commitment, and contribution to overcoming the obstacles and delivering this solution on schedule.

If you would like more information or would like to speak to someone working on this project, please contact: or
or you can visit our web page here for more information.