The HealthIRL Migration programme was initially established in 2017, known as the ONE programme.  The programme was paused in 2020, due to COVID & cyber attack.  As of late 2021, the HealthIRL migration programme has been re-established and is a programme of strategic importance for the HSE in terms of digital transformation and enhanced cyber security.  HealthIRL is a foundational building block for many other planned programmes of work across the HSE.


The purpose of HealthIRL migration programme is to migrate all users, devices and mailboxes from the 8 regional based domains to a central shared domain (database), known as HealthIRL.  This allows the HSE to have a central single view of all resources, which enables best practice identity management and access management controls, with centralised governance. 

Why HealthIRL?

HealthIRL migration is a critical programme of work for the HSE in terms of cloud enablement and cyber security.  It is a strategic platform for managing user identity and delivering email.  HealthIRL is a safe, secure collaboration platform, linked to cloud based systems and is the largest domain in the HSE, with users representing all divisions in the organisation and is a resilient stable supported platform.

Following the HSE cyber-attack, HealthIRL is a key recommendation in the post-incident review report.


HealthIRL migration programme has multiple workstreams:

  • Acute Hospital workstream

  • Corporate/Community workstream

  • National Programmes

HealthIRL migration programme works alongside other national programmes:

  • Windows 10 Device Refresh Programme

  • Office365 Programme  

Community/Corporate Workstream

HealthIRL migration programme plans to target a building by building approach, working with the CHO Digital & ICT Leads in each CHO region.  Using a building by building approach allows the HealthIRL programme to efficiently migrate large blocks of users in one location in a defined period of time. 

CHO3 have been the pilot site for the Building by Building approach.  CHO3 Digital & ICT team have been working closely with the HealthIRL migration team to help plan, schedule and manage migrations in their area.  The CHO Digital & ICT team has been instrumental in this area, providing the HealthIRL team with user listings, communicating with the users and being the key liaison point between the HealthIRL migration programme and the CHO3 users.  The HealthIRL migration programme are also engaged in planning HealthIRL migrations with the other CHO Digital & ICT teams, and hope to expand in all CHO areas in the near future.

Acute Hospitals Workstream

The Acute Hospital workstream involves the HealthIRL migration programme supplying dedicated HealthIRL engineers to the hospital ICT lead.  The ICT team manage the planning, scheduling and communications to deliver HealthIRL migrations locally to their users.  The HealthIRL migration programme assists and supports with pre-migration user checks and post-migration support issues. This model is strongly favoured for Acute Hospitals, as it allows the HealthIRL migration programme to leverage local knowledge and expertise. 

UHG have been the pilot site for HealthIRL migrations and have worked closely with the Technology Office to deliver migrations on an acute site.  As the pilot site, a number of issues were identified at the beginning of the process, which have been worked through to resolution.  HealthIRL migrations have been proceeding at a steady pace and are planned to ramp up in the coming weeks.  There are a number of other acute hospitals engaged with the HealthIRL migration programme, as the programme plans to extend further in the acute space. 

This is not easy – we need to be in this together!

The HealthIRL migration programme is a challenging, complex programme, un-picking 30 years of legacy issues across regional areas.  It is not easy for anyone.  It is a technically challenging programme, which may reveal unique issues as the programme deploys across the country.  Technology Office is committed to addressing these issues promptly & supporting all teams throughout the migration.  We ask for support from all users at every level of the organisation to prioritise HealthIRL migrations when in your area.

 Graph of old legacy domains merging into single healthirl domain

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