Benefits of NIMIS

Integration of radiographic image data:

The installation of NIMIS greatly facilitates the integration of a patients’ diverse medical image data into one easily accessible record. This is particularly important for a number of specific patient groups including Haematology and Oncology patients. These patients, by the very nature of their condition, require multiple and extensive diagnostic imaging procedures from a range of imaging systems. The need to ensure integration of all of these diagnostic images for optimum patient diagnosis, treatment and follow-up is obvious.

Improved diagnostic capability from digital images:

In conventional radiography, once an x-ray film is processed or printed, no further image manipulation or enhancement was possible.  NIMIS captures a digital image which can be extensively manipulated and enhanced to maximise diagnostic capability.

Reduction in collective radiation dose:

NIMIS can reduce the collective and individual radiation doses patients receive due to a number of factors including

  • less repeated examinations due to lost images
  • less repeated examinations due to poor image quality
  • less dose per image from digital systems compared to traditional film based systems

Improvements in reporting time:

The introduction of NIMIS results has seen a large decrease in the number of unreported exams and therefore a reduction in the average reporting time for radiographic studies.

Optimisation of Radiology Reporting:

During reporting, the presence of NIMIS results in more historical images being viewed, resulting in improved diagnostic capability.

Increased clinical efficiency and accuracy in patient care:

With improved reporting time for radiographic images, a reduction in the number of repeat and lost examinations and the rapid multiple availability of the images throughout the hospital, patient care has been optimised and is more effective. This results in a decrease in length of patient-stay and a reduction in patient waiting lists.

Active National User Group:

NIMIS has brought about a real spirit of collaboration and teams across the country have formed new working relationships. The central design (90%), use of standardised codes and standardised forms has aided rapid implementation, support and use of the system.


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