4. Go Live & Sustainability


Finalise, Educate & Communicate:

  • Workflows, processes, SOPs, letters, emails to include new steps and information encompassing key document - National SOP for management of telephone & VEC in Clinical Practice.
  • Complete a DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) for your internal processes, contact your local Senior Management Team (SMT) or Data Protection Officer (DPO) for further information.
  • Information service users should be given on receiving an appointment.
  • Signpost to the national website - https://www2.hse.ie/services/online-health/
  • Provide VEC tool specific information - some platforms have tailored leaflets specific to their platform.
  • Advertise the availability of VEC:-


- Display posters and pull up stands - Poster Templates.

- Circulate leaflets to service user and family - Patient Information leaflet template.

- Share details of information on your website and VEC service user support web pages - https://www2.hse.ie/services/online-health/about


Phased “Go Live” – test everything before your call to ensure it works correctly:

Phase 1 – Internal Practice

Start internally within your team i.e. team meetings, MDT sessions. Normalise the use of video within your service.

Phase 2 – First Patient Cohort
  • Start with first identified VEC opportunity and offer appointments to a small group of service users that have been informed of the new service and are willing to participate.
  • Test change, review and amend in line with best practice before scaling up.
  • Scale up within first opportunity. This is part of the blended care approach, face-to-face and video.
Phase 3 – Scaling up

Refine the process and scale up to other identified VEC opportunities.


Sustainability - share the learning and celebrate the success:

  • Champions should continue to train and roll out Video Enabled Care to the rest of the team.
  • Lessons learned review and project evaluation should take place 3-6 months after each Go-Live and 12 months to assess sustainability.
  • Complete and return VEC evaluation to virtualhealth@hse.ie - Evaluation Form for completion.
  • Outcome measurement – document how VEC has improved the service offering.
  • Benefit measurement – carry out via data reporting and feedback evaluation.


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