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Renal Team Pic 4

Cork University Hospital had two large project integrations Go-lives as part of KDCPMS

Cork University Hospital has recently had two large project integrations Go-live as part of the Kidney Disease Clinical Patient Management System (KDCPMS).Renal Continuous Improvement Team 

The renal team in Cork have been using the National Renal System – eMedRenal since 2011, this electronic patient record is designed to improve care for all patients who attend for kidney care.

Renal Team Pic                                         

Renal Team: Geethamma Liju, Jessie Garibay & Tom Twomey                    

Following a lengthy testing and integration process the renal team can now view live laboratory results following the successful deployment of the laboratory interface with eMedRenal. Working closely with the eMedRenal Vendor and the local implementation team a determined effort by all resulted in the Go-live of the new interface. This now enables our clinical colleagues to have lab results displayed in the national system with the benefit of not having to refer to multiple systems to make clinical decisions in the dynamic environment of Cork’s Renal Care settings. These efficiencies will not only save time for the clinical workflow but also make laboratory results available at the point of care.

Renal Pic 3  

Above:Margaret O’Mahony, Niamh O’Brien & Michael Burke              

Cork University Hospital  also had another project Go-live in the form on the newly developed Bi-Directional Haemodialysis Machine Interface. This development enables critical clinical information to be passed between eMedRenal and the Baxter Haemodialysis Machine. Thanks to the strong focus and commitment from the Nursing team, the implementation in Cork University Hospital was seamless. This implementation brings huge benefits to both the patient and clinical teams, this integration will also enable the nursing team to spend more time at the point of care.

   Renal Pic 2

Above: Mary Roche & Roselin George