1. Engage & Plan


This is a guide for laying the foundation of VEC but should be tailored in line with service requirements.

  • Setup Working Group - a useful Terms of Reference template can be found here.
  • Nominate Service Implementation Lead and Champions.
  • Complete Project Brief - a useful Project Brief can be found here.
  • Identify and engage necessary stakeholders - a useful stakeholder mapping and analysis template can be found here.
  • Include ‘Video Enabled Care’ as a standing item on all agendas and share this implementation Toolkit.
  • Seek shared learning from similar services using VEC – helpful videos can be found here.
  • Identify how to capture data evidence (before and after).
  • Consider digital inequity and inclusivity - Tablet Loan Scheme information can be found here.
  • Identify potential constraints, challenges, risks and mitigation and document within the risks and issues register on the:
  1. Timeline Tool – a useful checklist can be found here.
  2. Risks & Mitigation - useful information around risks and mitigation can be found here.


Change Management

HSE Change Management Guide can be found here.

Implementing VEC is a ‘change’ which needs positive engagement with the people involved in order to:

  • Build a shared sense of purpose.
  • Support different voices.
  • Views and abilities.
  • Assist people to take responsibility for designing a better future for their service.
  • Define, design and deliver the change together.