System Benefits

The MN-CMS project has four high level benefits which are then broken into more detail below. This list of benefits continues to be defined and we would encourage you to add additional ones to the benefits posters in the workstreams over the course of the Future State Review event.

We are particularly interested in benefits that are local to you and your hospital, so please feel free to identify, discuss and write them up in your session.

1. Improved patient care as a result of better communication, supported decision making and effective planning of care

  • Easy to access, single record on mother and baby that is accessible from all over the hospital/care setting.
  • Ability to share information on mother and baby across all maternity hospitals.
  • Reduction in adverse drug events through clinical decision support and features such as drug interaction and allergy checking.
  • Alerts can be set up to support clinical decision making e.g. iMEWS.
  • Real time tracking of all patient requests/orders from placement of order until result is back.
  • Reduced time chasing results via phone or on paper as results will be in the EHR.
  • Results can be sent directly to the Midwife/consultant/Consultant team’s Message center for review or consults.

2. More effective and efficient recording of information reflecting best standards in documentation

  • No written transcribing from mums chart to babies chart. The ‘Result Copy’ button will allow midwives pick the relevant information in mums chart and copy it immediately to the new baby’s chart.
  • In the NICU, integrated ventilators and monitors will chart the information directly into the patients chart when the nurse is charting.
  • Foetal monitoring will also be integrated and viewable in mums chart.
  • Discharge letters to GPs and PHN will be compiled and can be printed or communicated digitally.

3. Enhanced clinical audit and research locally as a result of better quality data

  • Patient information is put into the EHR in real time not retrospectively.
  • Local reports can be run to pull out relevant audit and research information for use.
  • The ‘PowerTrials’ functionality can support clinicians to identify suitable patients for inclusion in research trials and manage the trial in the patients electronic chart.

4. Informed business intelligence that will drive local and national management decisions

  • Local and national reports can be run to support management decisions.


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