MN-CMS Sharing of Patient Information and Integration with Other Systems

MN-CMS is as open and accessible as is required to support safe patient care

The Maternal and Newborn Clinical Management System (MN-CMS) is leading the way for sharing patient information (where and when it is required) and integration with other systems, in compliance with GDPR rules, for the benefit of patients requiring Maternal, Newborn and Gynaecology care in Ireland.

In order to be most effective, access to the Electronic Health Record (EHR), for delivery of safe care at locations closest to the patient, is essential. In this regard the functionality of MN-CMS is supporting off-site patient care settings in line with Slaintecare values at: voluntary hospital, off-site acute care centres, primary care centres and in community care locations which are linked to existing MN-CMS sites at Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH), University Hospital Kerry (UHK), The Rotunda and The National Maternity Hospital (NMH), Dublin.

Other Healthcare Providers where MN-CMS is available:

Off-site acute care centre and primary care settings

  • South Infirmary and Victoria University Hospital, Cork
  • CUHG - Hospitals: Bantry General Hospital and Mallow General Hospital, Co. Cork
  • The Living Health Clinic, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork
  • St. Finbarr’s Hospital, Cork
  • St Mary’s Primary Care Centre, Cork
  • Rotunda out-patient Gynaecology clinic at Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown, Dublin.

Community Care

As the provision of care in the community is central to Slaintecare, use of the system by Community nurses/midwives is required.

MN-CMS has been designed to ensure nurses/midwives, who perform care in the community such as ‘Domino’ midwifery services or community nurse/midwives, can access the system remotely and update the electronic chart, or record blood samples taken at community clinic settings or at the patient’s home. This functionality is currently in use in the CUMH, The Rotunda, NMH, and UHK maternal services catchment areas.

Remote Access to MN-CMS patient records by hospital clinicians is possible

Using the public facing HSE Citrix portaI, clinicians with appropriate credentials can access the patient’s clinical record, review, interpret and aid colleagues with case review and diagnosis in real time without the need to be onsite at their local hospital.

Private service/clinics across existing MNCMS sites can also leverage this functionality.

‘View only’ access for non HSE clinical service providers

Contracted Non HSE clinical service providers who perform services for the HSE such as the ‘Newborn Hearing Screening’ can access the system for review only purposes.

MN-CMS Integration with other Systems

Integration is central to efficient electronic health record management. MN-CMS is integrating with multiple systems using HL7 messages, Document / File sharing integration and direct links to other systems from within MN-CMS  to ensure relevant patient information is available when and where it is required for optimal care delivery.

High Level Overview of Integrated Systems

spider graph showing the integrated systems