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HSE resources and supports to help with common mental health difficulties

The HSE is running a public awareness campaign to highlight the common signs of mental health difficulties (ongoing stress, low mood, anxiety and sleep) and to signpost people to available resources and supports.

Many people can experience these difficulties and the campaign encourages users to explore the information and resources available on the mental health hub and find supports that may help them. Digital support forms the backbone of this campaign.

Mental health content on the HSE website was restructured to optimise it for search, follow our content design principles and better meet user needs. This easy-to-find information on self-help and support will hopefully give users more options to manage common difficulties themselves and prevent more serious issues developing. The self-help supports are provided in the content or as links to external content. Support formats include online videos and courses, guides, apps and online counselling. Some examples of the supports include:

  • Stress control - an online programme to help you to recognise stress, understand how it affects you and learn how to overcome feelings of stress.
  • Minding your wellbeing – a series of 5 videos to help you develop a positive outlook using mindfulness, gratitude, self-care and resilience.
  • Online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) – an online CBT platform to help you change specific negative thoughts and behaviours that cause stress and anxiety.

We are continuing to iterate and improve the content. The digital team is creating an online quiz to provide users with self-help tips based on their responses. The format of the quiz has been tested with users. This ensures that we develop a tool that is easy to use and meets the needs of our users.


Norma Deasy

Campaign Manager, HSE Communications