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8I5 22

Shaping the future of eHealth

Insights from Michael Redmond, COO of eHealth HSE


Michael Redmond, the Chief Operating Officer at eHealth HSE, took the opportunity to address the large audience, sharing updates and insights on the ongoing discussions and progress towards the structural design of eHealth services in the context of regionalisation. Michael emphasised the evolving nature of eHealth's top-level structural design, acknowledging that decisions are still in the works and nothing is set in stone.

Looking ahead

He underscored the commitment of the leadership team to keep the organisation informed and engaged in the process, aligning with the strategic roadmap for technological and transformational advancements in healthcare delivery. The discussion pivoted towards the significance of business-led transformation in delivering a connected healthcare system. He highlighted the role of the newly appointed Chief Technology and Transformation Officer (CTTO), Damian McCallion, and the formation of the Technology and Transformation Committee, signalling a shift in emphasis towards aligning technology with business objectives. Addressing concerns about organisational changes, Michael reassured the audience that eHealth remains a crucial entity, albeit with potential reorganisation and devolution of certain functions to regional centres. He acknowledged the challenge of adapting to new roles and structures but stressed the importance of aligning with the overarching strategic vision. Looking ahead, Michael outlined the next steps, including the commissioning of an operating model to facilitate seamless transition and delineate responsibilities and accountabilities between central and regional entities.


In conclusion, Michael reiterated the dynamic nature of organisational evolution, emphasising the importance of continuous updates and transparency in driving forward the eHealth agenda. As the organisation moves towards regionalisation and embraces technological advancements, collaboration and adaptability remain paramount in shaping the future of healthcare delivery in Ireland.