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eHealth Triumph at Awards Events

In a recent awards ceremony that honoured excellence and innovation in healthcare technology, the spotlight shone brightly on the remarkable achievements of HSE-eHealth. Amidst a backdrop of challenges, our colleagues stood tall, showcasing innovation, unwavering dedication, and a commitment that has redefined healthcare solutions.

eHealth’s triumph at the prestigious National Healthtech Innovation Awards was a testament to their relentless pursuit of innovation in the healthcare sector. Their ground-breaking contributions have revolutionised patient care, operational efficiency, and the overall landscape of healthcare technology.


Below are the listed categories from the recent Healthtech Awards in which eHealth and our partners had success:

  • Outstanding contribution to Healthcare – was won by Oliver Morris from eHealth and our colleagues Niamh O’Leary from Acute Operations for their work on the INEWS

  •  Health Care Collaboration award – was won by the INEWS team (Oliver and Niamh again!).

  • Excellence in Service and Support– supporting the delivery of digital transformation was won by O365 team (lead by Sean Lennon). Our team is supported by Microsoft and EY.

  • Most Transformative Impact – Digital Health – SilverCloud for their groundbreaking work in Mental Health (lead by Julie Bellew and her team)

  • Most Transformative Impact – Diagnostics for Prevention – Salaso Health Solutions also one of our partners who are working in the hospital in Drogheda.



L-R: Rosaleen Quinlan, O365 eHealth, Fran Thompson, CIO, eHealth, Sean Lennon, O365 eHealth, and Michael Redmond, COO eHealth.



L-R: Ciara Perciavalle, Microsoft, John Ward CTTO, and Michael Redmond, COO eHealth.



There was also great news at the Irish Healthcare Awards, which took place on Tuesday 5th December at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre. Congratulations to Cathal Collier along with Tallaght University Hospital, and Imprivata for the Ireland-wide Single Sign-on for Clinical Applications.


Winners at the Irish Healthcare Awards with Tallaght University Hospital and Imprivata for Ireland-wide Single Sign-on for Clinical Applications, photographed above from L-R: Cathal Collier, Aine Masterson, Ronan Connaghan, and Steven Kawala.

The recognition garnered at these events serves as validation of the hard work that continues to thrive in eHealth and a catalyst for future endeavours. It is a testament to their resilience, ingenuity and the invaluable impact they have made on healthcare services in Ireland.

As we celebrate these recent successes,it is imperative to acknowledge the ripple effect of their accomplishments on our organisation. Their innovations have not only elevated the standard of healthcare technology but have also inspired a new generation of professionals to push boundaries and strive for excellence in the pursuit of enhancing healthcare for all.

I am enormously proud of the eHealth teams involved in both the HealthTech Ireland and the Irish Healthcare Awards, This is recognition for our innovative approach to healthcare and highlights HSE eHealth’s fantastic work in conjunction with our partners, service teams and vendors.