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Supportive Memory Guide eBook

The Supportive Memory Guide is an online eBook designed for people early in their dementia diagnosis, which aims to empower the reader with technology focused advice to implement rehab and protective strategies. This eBook was developed as part of the mPower programme (a Dementia Initiative in CHO1), which targets digital resources for People Living with Dementia and support community services. This project was a collaborative venture between Kate Hanlon (eHealth Communications) and Senior Occupational Therapists, Kerri Malone, Orla McDonnell, Emma O’ Brien.

Orla and Kerri work in primary care in County Louth. They both recognise that early intervention is essential with this client group, and promote the importance of services and resources without which can lead to a more rapid deterioration in the condition. Emma works specifically with people living with dementia and their families at the Memory Technology Library in South Tipperary, and is national lead for the Memory Technology Resource Rooms. Emma’s service provides demonstration of a wide range of assistive technologies and provides practical advice and solutions to support continued engagement in activities.

Kate works in eHealth Communications, specifically in digital multimedia design. Kate was responsible for the graphic design of the eBook, as well as the supporting technology resource videos. This meant arranging the content in a way that was practical and easy to use for people living with dementia, as well as making conscious design choices with the client in mind, for example bright high contrasting colours, easy navigtion and larger font size.

The title of the eBook is ‘The Supportive Memory Guide; Empowering You with Practical Strategies and Useful Technologies’ and the content covers a range of relevant areas; Routines and Habits, Scheduling and Planning, Supportive Home Environments, Managing Medication, Simple Home Technologies, Smart Home Technologies, Smart Phones, Keeping Active and Engaged. The mPower programme highlighted the important role technology can play to help maintain independent living following a diagnosis of dementia. This eBook focuses on the use of technology, is a practical resource with education resources, everyday advice and tutorials for helpful assistive technologies.

During the development process a draft of the eBook was sent to Healthcare Professionals and a focus group of people living with dementia organised by the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland, their valuable input provided positive feedback and helpful advice. It was also sent to working Occupational Therapists for review, who’s feedback helped refine the content further to optimise its benefit for the reader.

The eBook is hosted on eHealth Ireland, and is available here.