National Children’s Disability Network Team (CDNTIMS)


The National Children’s Disability Network Team Information Management System (CDNTIMS) will support delivery of the Progressing Disability Services programme (PDS) across our 9 CHOs, and meet our Disability Act (2005) obligations.

  • Move the existing HSE Management Information System (MIS) to a stable HSE on-premise hosted platform, ensuring its continued safe use

  • Implement enhancements to the current MIS system (HSE Mid-West) to meet the criteria for a uniform national system

  • Integrate standard referral forms under the National Policy on Access to Services for Children and Young People with Disability and Developmental Delay

  • Migrate data from the existing systems in HSE and partner Section 38/39 agencies to the national system allowing for continuity of services and preservation of existing records

  • Replace the existing AoN system and migrate all existing AoN data into the new AoN module in CDNTIMS. Adult and child AoN will be facilitated by CDNTIMS.

  • Replace the existing National Day Services database and migrate all existing data from the National Day Services Database into the new standalone Day Services system

  • Provide a single file data extract, which includes data from all 91 teams, to upload data to the National Ability Support System (NASS)

  • Integrate with Individual Health Identifier

  • Integrate with Data Lake

  • The use of the singular CDNTIMS in all CDNTs will lead to:

  • Improvements in time management and balancing workload.

  • Standardisation of systems and processes.


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