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MS Teams for User Groups

Are you running a patient education group? Do you organise large training sessions?

Up to 1000 attendees can attend an MS Teams meeting at once, while the sharing tool tool can be used to demonstrate exercises, and share presentations and useful websites.

MS Teams should not be used for 1:1 clinical consultations- Attend Anywhere is the recommended platform.

See the  MS Teams Guide for Groups for further information.

MS Teams for Interviews

Interviewing new staff members? Conducting investigations? Learn how to structure your meetings with this MS Teams for Interviews video or guide. 

See here for tips if you are the interviewee.

Breakout Rooms for MS Teams

Need to work with small groups within a larger meeting? Running a workshop or group training session?

The  ‘Breakout Rooms’ tool  now allows  the organiser to divide the meeting participants into smaller groups.

Up to 50 rooms can be created in each meeting – great for discussion, or group exercises. Each room has its own chat, whiteboard and sharing tools to enable easy interaction within the group.

This short video explains how it works while this guide may be useful to share with colleagues.


Data Protection

Team owner? Need to invite guests to your team? This Data Protection guidance can assist you.

Terms of Use

All users of Office 365 services receive a notification inviting them to accept  the O365 Terms of Use. The Terms of Use set out your responsibilities as user e.g. to  ensure that teams in MS Teams are removed when no longer needed or that team guests are added correctly.

Clinical Governance

HSE Clinical Governance Guidance

HSE IT policies

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Last updated 28/02/23