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The website has been enhanced through the addition of a new section dedicated to MyHealth@EU.

The MyHealth@EU team is very pleased to present a new section located within the website, which can be found on the National Shared Care Records page. The new web section is designed and dedicated to the sharing of information, standards and guidelines related to the European MyHealth@EU Cross Border Project.

The HSE is mandated by the Irish Government to manage the ongoing development and operation of the Irish National Contact Point (NCP). Operationally, the NCP focuses on enabling Technology and Transformation interoperable services between Ireland and our EU member state partners. This capability satisfies the needs to provide bi-directional exchange of health information for Irish citizens travelling abroad within the EU and in turn for EU citizens visiting Ireland.

Our goals and commitments focus on achieving quality structures to meet the required EU standards set out for interoperability and exchange of health data. These standards are necessary to establish the Technology and Transformation services that underpin Ireland’s capability to exchange patient health data with the healthcare systems of other European member states. The initial focus is on the exchange of patient summary and ePrescription/ eDispensation data. We work closely with stakeholders, advisors, and fellow work colleagues, to assist with the development and testing of the NCP application. The new web page provides insights into ‘who we are’, ‘what we do’ and the projects we work on.

If you need additional information, please visit our website section or contact us at