Embracing Authenticity: Treasa Dempsey's Journey in Technology at HSE

Let's talk about Treasa Dempsey, someone who embodies the spirit of International Women's Day in 2024, where we're all about #InspireInclusion. In a recent chat, Treasa shared her story about diving into the tech world and her role at the Health Service Executive (HSE), offering some down-to-earth advice along the way.


Treasa's journey into the tech field wasn't some grand plan from the start. It was more like a series of small nudges that led her here. Back during her school days, she thought she'd be crunching numbers as an accountant, but it turned out, she loved tinkering with IT and improving how things worked within organizations. So, she went with the flow, eventually finding her place at HSE.

Looking back over her 20 years in the field, Treasa noticed a big change. It used to be all about the nuts and bolts of technology, but now, it's more about how tech fits into the bigger picture of making businesses better. At the HSE, she's seen a similar shift, from the old-school IT setups to a more modern approach with eHealth. It's not just a change in tools; it's a whole new way of thinking.

One thing that stands out to Treasa is the shift in who's leading the charge. When she first started, it was mostly men calling the shots. But now? It's much more balanced, with plenty of talented women at the table. And it's not because of some diversity quota; it's because these women have earned their place through hard work and expertise.

When it comes to advice for young women getting into tech, Treasa keeps it real. She says, "Just be yourself." It sounds simple, but it's true. No need to try and fit into some mould of what a tech person should be. Just be you, because authenticity goes a long way.

Even though Treasa has had some impressive achievements, she stays grounded. For her, it's all about the people. She loves connecting with others and building relationships, even though she knows it's not everyone's cup of tea. But for her, it's been a key part of her success.

Celebrating International Women's Day 

As we wrap up, Treasa's message is clear: her advice isn't just for International Women's Day; it's for any day. “Be yourself, build connections, and embrace inclusivity. Because in the end, that's what makes the tech world—and the world in general—a better place.”