Critical Care Clinical Information System (CIS) Implementation

Critical Care is an information intense environment where Clinical Information Systems (CISs) can greatly impact patient care and the workload of clinicians.  The availability of good clinical information on each site and across sites helps to optimise care and the safety of the care provided. This project will focus on the implementation of a CIS for all Critical Care beds that do not currently have a CIS. To support optimal deployment times a combination of national standardisation and national team will work with an implementation team per Hospital Group.

CIS Overview

In the critical care environment with high density clinical data points and complex patients, a Clinical Information System (CIS) has the ability to facilitate data processing and display, automate routine patient care tasks, augment clinical decision making and improve patient safety. A key benefit from installation of a CIS is a continuous and integrated electronic patient record which can be used by all members of the wider multidisciplinary team caring for the patient.

Infographic showing how CIS supports clinical decisions

Benefits of a CIS

Infographic showing the benefits of a CIS

Contact information:

Klaire Trench-Morris, Critical Care ICT Programme Manager -

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