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Portlaoise Go Live Team

Portlaoise Go live

Portlaoise Go-Live Achieved 


BBraun Haemodialysis unit Portlaoise has accepted it’s first patients for dialysis treatments.  This opening coincides with the Go-Live of the National Renal IT system EmedRenal in this state of the art facility.

The deployment of EmedRenal enables our clinical colleagues to have full access to the clinical record from the patient’s parent hospital, and this record will further be built upon by the team in Portlaoise which will be visible to any referral site the patient may attend in the future.

This implementation has fully developed interfaces with PAS and Lab and will deliver real time data at the point of care. In collaboration with BBraun the vendor has developed a bi-directional interface that transfers the patients haemodialysis prescription to the dialysis machine and seamlessly transfers all treatment data back into the National Renal System EmedRenal. This clinically valuable interface provides full visibility of treatment data alongside the complete patient record. The success of this implementation would not have been possible without the support of the clinical and technical teams involved.

             Portlaoise Go Live Team