#HandoverCIO Update

Change can always be challenging, especially when transitioning to a new role. Our new interim CIO, Jane Carolan has been picking up the reins since November with Richard’s leave to the NHS, and there has been plenty to learn while stepping into this new role.

Jane and Richard want this transition to be as transparent as possible and have been posting updates on twitter using #HandoverCIO so all our stakeholders can see exactly what’s happening. The content they have been posting has been all about the process of handing over, the success stories, and that they are together migrating the risks that a change of leadership brings to digital health. Richard has been commenting on the lessons that can be taken from Ireland to Yorkshire.

handover 4

Make sure to check out our Facebook page and Twitter to see all these updates.

There are lots of key points being taken into consideration to ensure the handover goes as smoothly as possible.

It's very important to both Jane and Richard to be clear and transparent about the handover. 

handover 2

They've learnt that transitioning into a new role, and adapting to it couldn't happen without a strong, supportive team behind you. We're proud to say that everyone at eHealth Ireland is supporting both Jane and Richard in their changing roles. Moving forward and continuing to develop eHealth is something we are all passionate about. 


There is a huge importance in engaging with both their team, and the public. Clear communication is essential to moving forward.handover 3

So far the handover process has been very smooth, with lots being learnt by everyone involved. Make sure to look at #HandoverCIO and our website to stay updated on the process. .