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HSE Covax - Vaccination Application



As the worldwide pandemic changed our society’s freedom of travel and socialisation, 2020 was deemed by many as a challenging year.  To free our society from the pandemic, there was a need to vaccinate the Irish population.  Let us share our success story with you.

It’s March 2022, and the results are startling: over 10 million vaccine doses administered, 4.2 million people have digital vaccination data recorded, enabling vaccine certifications. At the programme peak, >8,000 professionals were using the new digital technology.  



HSE Covax is the vaccine management system used to administer COVID-19 vaccinations across Ireland.

HSE Covax was launched in January 2021 and was built on Salesforce Health Cloud. Then, teams rapidly evolved the technology to the robust digital Covax and Service Cloud solutions that we have today.  This required design discussions, configuring the technology, educating people and most importantly, collaboration.  Together, we have so many teams who partnered to make it happen.    

  • Client/Public= Clients registered on the public portal and visited HSE informational websites to learn about the vaccine types.
  • Operations Administrators= Professionals managed data and scheduled vaccination appointments.
  • Vaccinators= Clinical professionals learned new technology and travelled to clinics to administer the vaccine.
  • HSE Support Teams= Teams provided telephone and local support to the public and vaccinators to help guide and solve problems.
  • GPs and Pharmacists= Performed vaccinations and provided data to feed into Covax. They used scanning software to load vaccine information




HSE Covax enables teams to:

  • Schedule vaccination appointments
  • Communicate appointment details via SMS 
  • Obtain client consent to vaccinate
  • Capture client medical eligibility
  • Record vaccine details such as batch code
  • Digitally capture client data to enable the vaccine certifications
  • Provide support through case management
  • Integrate data from GP’s and Pharmacists 

How did these teams organise to achieve this success? 

The teams used an agile and co-creation approach.  Agile is a mindset change.  Teams hear the goals, then dynamically shape the work to achieve the goals in an agreed-upon timeframe.  Agile requires people to build relationships and learn from each other – all at a fast pace.  Co-creation means a team collaborates to build the solution together which was achieved through organised sprints. 

The diagram below displays 18 sprints that provided the structure around our agile approach.  A sprint represents a 2-3 week timeframe in which teams achieved the outcomes of the goals.  This laser focus enabled design decisions, configuration of the technology, testing, and education about how to perform the actions to administer the vaccine most effectively.