InterRAI Ireland

The HSE, through Sláintecare, is committed to providing the right care in the right place at the right time. Improving the ability of the healthcare system to respond to people in the community requiring care will require all staff involved in care needs assessments to implement interRAI as part of their clinical role, to undertake assessments, and to have access to relevant InterRAI data and systems.​

About the interRAI Ireland System: ​

  • A comprehensive care needs assessment of an individual which assesses 20 different domains of a person's life. 
  • It takes on average 90 minutes to complete an initial assessment - depending on complexity of care needs, expertise and familiarity of assessor. However, as assessment data is digitally stored and accessible, future InterRAIassessments time may reduce as information can be copied forward.​
  • Digitally enabled (Technology & Transformation) platform -  InterRAIassessments have multiple applications across the healthcare system including screening, care planning, case mix, policy making and service quality.​ 

Implementing InterRAI in Ireland is a significant change in the operational system. However, it will result in significant transformative benefits for clients, clinicians & service delivery.​

The main objectives of the project include:

  • Replace a legacy Single Assessment Tool application known as SATIS with a more up-to-date Assessment Management System called Momentum.
  • Implement Momentum Assessment Management System, the software solution which supports the rollout of InterRAI care needs assessment for services for Older People across 9 CHOs and Acute Hospitals.
  • Produce extensive data within services for Older People, which can be used for care planning, allocation of services and planning of future services.
  • Interface with the Individual Health Identifier (IHI) and other national systems as required.

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