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Almost 70 members of HSE, including members of OoCIO, attended the recent Information Day held by the Enterprise Architecture team held at the Gartner Offices, Dublin 2 on the 16th January 2020. Enterprise Architecture is responsible for supporting the strategic development of technical architecture, technology and operational capabilities in a standardised and aligned manner. 


Peter Connolly Head of Enterprise Architecture & The Design Authority began proceedings by outlining the objectives of the Enterprise Architecture Information Day which was to ensure that attendees were brought up to speed in terms of all advacements made in the work being carried out throughout the year, a look at some of the processes implemented and also an outline of where Enterprise Architecture are moving to in terms of dealing with architecture.

A core objective of the day was to understand where Enterprise Architecture is leading out on and what it means in terms of resources and the support the team can provide to the grater OoCIO and HSE Staff.

The day was broken into 3 stages

  1. A series of short presentations followed by a Q&A session
  2. New capabilities within Enterprise Architecture followed by a Q&A session
  3. A walkthrough of a Project Lifecycle providing examples of how EA tools and skillsets are provided


Chris Plunkett EA Delivery Manager

Chris presented on what, when and how to engage with Enterprise Architecture a central service with a focus on unifying ICT. EA takes an enterprise wide end to end view by not just focusing on one solution to one problem but solutions taking into account the bigger collective view. All problem areas are broken down to 2 levels strategic and tactical with the former looking at the enterprise as a whole and the latter taking a more in depth look at the 'on the ground' system approach.

Enterprise Architecture look at areas such as how do businesses do their business allowing IT systems to be developed, Clinical Terminology the process of codeing cinical diagnostics and Testing Certification. The presentation also looked at Data Dictionary and what data means in particular to the HSE, how it is interpreted and how it's defined in solutions when defining demographics such as first and last names. Data Cpmliance of systems and services was another area for discussion. Chris Plunkett concluded with an overview of some of the projects and solutions that EA have worked with to date and advised  an attentive audience to simply 'engage'.


Caroline Barnsdall - Thompson Vice President Enterprise Architecture and Innovation IT Gartner

Caroline travelled from the UK to present on Product Models while discussing their benefits and exemplers. With a background in codeing and IT Caroline now works with clients from all across europe on Enterprise Architecture and how to develop Enterprise Architecture. Caroline explained about 'Product' a new trending word, what is this Product that we talk about, why is it suddendley relevant to the IT Industy and specifically why does it work well within Enterprise Architecture.

Other Speakers on the day Included

Helen Lambert -Data Set Management Process (DSMP)

Lilly Walsh - Working agile, alignement with the business

Clinical Terminology (SNOMED CT) Theresa Barry - Clinical Terminology

Eamon Coyne - Test & Verification - The Test Harness 

Martin Tully - Data Dictionary Business Capabilities

The Enterprise Architecture Team


Back row, Left to right  James Moriarty, Martin Tully, Sean Walsh, Ed Harte, Eamon Coyne, Sandra Ryan, Chris Meehan, Peter Connolly

Front row, Left to right  Theresa Barry, Lilly Walsh, Helen Lambert, Chris Plunkett

Please click on the Links below to view the slide decks from the speakers day.