Governance Model

Implementing a clear governance structure for Knowledge & Information is a key component of the new operating model, to ensure:

  • Effective and coordinated flow of decision making at all levels, in line with accountabilities and decision authorities, and across functional areas
  • Ongoing alignment with strategic priorities and reform programme objectives, to release new capabilities

Operational governance is closely tied with the operational processes and day-to-day / weekly activities, and focused on monitoring & reviewing execution, and the need to escalate exceptions.The governance model, illustrated in Figure 11, operates at three levels – strategic, tactical and operational – and across both change delivery and ongoing service delivery.

  • Tactical level typically operates with monthly frequency, with the objective of consolidating a holistic view of performance to enable decision making and course corrections in the short term.
  • The objective of the strategic level is to ensure that alignment with overall objectives is maintained – including strategic direction and plans, investment prioritisation, and delivery progress and quality.

Figure 11

In addition, a small number of collaboration fora is envisaged to complement this governance structure. One of these is the eHealth Ireland Committee. This committee is formed as an outcome of the publication of the eHealth Ireland strategy. The purpose of the eHealth Ireland Committee will be to support and guide implementation of the eHealth Strategy and to provide assurance of clinical engagement.

The eHealth Ireland Committee will comprise individuals with relevant competencies to support the CIO in the implementation of the strategy. It will review and recommend implementation strategies to the CIO, and advise the office on investment decisions, clinical engagement and health reform needs.

Another key aspect of governance in the context of the entire reform programme is the level of clinician involvement in setting direction and decision making. A number of steps are being taken to ensure that strong clinical support is built-in to the way the programme is managed. These are described in more detail below.