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Weekly Cyber Attack Update From Fran Thompson


Fran 2 Fran Thompson, Chief Information Officer, HSE 

Update Friday 11th June 2021 

I want to keep you up to date with the  progress we're making to restore our systems since the cyber attack. There is a long way to go and as I said before there will be many hurdles and challenges along the way.  As we are successful in restoring systems and solutions there is a growing requirement and demand from the services to restore a full service for everybody as quickly as possible.  

Our success to date is leading and rightly so to a growing expectation of a restoration of all of the services. We have expanded our priority systems across all areas, community, business, acute and our national solutions and we are making good progress across all these domains.  


Acute Systems

Acute now have all their initial priority systems restored, yes they have some challenges on individual sites. The next big challenge is to fully integrate all these solutions in order to provide a full service across the acute domain. 


Community Systems

In community we are now making real progress in restoring solutions for the service. These  include things like the EHO System, Community Pharmacy, Public Health Labs, Environmental Health. In the next few days I do expect many more systems will be available for the community teams as we continue to work through the priorities.  

Business Systems

Within the business and applications many of the critical applications are now available and work has started on the remainder and the balance of these systems to make sure that they are fully available for services.

Good progress is also being made in restoring Healthlink on a phased basis and in addition the A2I team have restored many of the integration services such as Eir Codes, GP Lookup and the IHI, these are real successes.

We are making really good progress with the technical team who are restoring  servers on a daily basis. They can do about three to four hundred every night at a minimum. We have also now got Fire Eye on over fifty percent of our end user estate and that is really good to see.  These are just some of the many successes that we have had in restoring our systems over the last  four weeks.



I also recognize there are challenges, for example our email systems which are working;  we are working very hard to resolve these challenges. Our Service Desk Teams are challenged  given the huge volume of calls they're trying to deal with and the enormity and the different  types of issues they're dealing with. There are no magic bullets to solve all our problems but with  your dedication, perseverance and professionalism we will overcome these challenges on this journey. 

It's going to take some time to ensure that all our systems are fully operational and we will need to overcome many challenges along the way.  

Finally, again I would like to say Thank You for all your hard work, commitment and support.

You can keep up to date on  the staff website on

Thank you.



You can watch Fran's video update on the link here