Benefits of KDCPMS

The national renal strategy group recognised that providing a single electronic patient records for each renal patient in the country would help to improve continuity of care, clinical audit and quality outcomes for patients living with renal disease in Ireland.  To that end KDCPMS has delivered on all fronts and has a proven track record that delivered significant benefits for the individual patients and value for the Health Service Executive:


Info Graphic of Data Captured on KDCPMS system

  1. Provides a single record across multiple care facilities

  2. Transfer of patients between centres is now paperless

  3. Multiple interfaces provide clinicians with unprecedented level of visibility of a patient's current clinical status in real time

  4. Enables national data to be submitted to international renal registries for the first time in the state's history

  5. Introduction of Business Intelligence solution to extract data and present clinical dashboards to all individual renal sites on a monthly basis

  6. Patients for kidney transplant work-up can have their clinical data reviewed remotely thus preventing unnecessary travel

  7. Reduction in duplicate test results in cost savings for the organisation

  8. Facilitates multidisciplinary approach to patients treatment options

  9. KDCPMS is also connected directly to the dialysis machines operating in the dialysis units. This allows the dialysis prescription to be automatically programmed into the machine, this eliminates transcription errors from this part of the care process 

From the onset of the project the benefits were clearly identified and aligned with the HSE's strategic goals.  The benefits were clearly defined in the business case and classified accordingly.

Monthly KPI's are generated and analysed from project onset, this helped steer the direction of the project whilst ensuring that focus was not diverted from agreed benefits.

Through-out the life time of the project effective communication channels were maintained to ensure the necessary steps were taken to report benefits progress to stakeholders.  A responsibility was placed on the project team to ensure that an understanding existed of how project level outputs contribute to business benefits; this effectively ensured that all parties were clear about the desired outcomes. 

Benefits realisation road map was agreed between the project team and stakeholders, this incorporated timings and dependencies.  

The benefit related complexities associated to this project that had to be overcome were varied.  From the initial onset of the project expectations of the stakeholders needed to be managed, effective lines of communications between project team and stakeholders kept expectations in line with realistic deliverables.

Effective change control measures were required to ensure that gaps between expected benefits and actual benefits did not exist.


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